Rotu Dham

Rotu Dham Tehsil is located at about 15 crores northeast of Nagaur in Jael. It is famous that here Bharu’s daughter Uma (Narangi) Bai’s rice (myro) was filled in 1572 V. Guru Jambhshwar ji Maharaj. Only the alphabetical order of ‘Amar Shah’ rules is followed.
The place where Guru ji stayed there, there was a dry Khajdi pad, which was filled itself. In Kalantant, the devotees made a site by making a checkpoint at that place, where there is now a permanent hold.
This place is called Sahari. A grand temple has been constructed in Rotu village with present-day support, in which there is a dhananartha dhananartha and a stamped sign on the stone of the Guruji are present.
See, Guru Maharaj had installed thousands of kerosene khaydhi which can be seen even today. It is famous here that the buffaloes do not eat paddy from the crops of this village, but they rest on these bases. Taksi place is a ritual of Siddha which was interviewed by Guru ji and he was transferred from there by his order.
This is the place where Guru Ji came to fill the Bhati. That was the first thing that he posted on that day.