Jhambolav Dham

This shrine is 8 kos (25 kms) from the Tahsil of the state of Rajasthan. It is located in the north-east direction. It is a large and scenic pond which was started by Jambhoji itself in 1566 v., Which was excavated till 1570 V.
The temple is very near to the right direction of the same pond. While in the morning, in the morning, during the havan, the musical instruments of the holy spirit, in the sound of Lord Swaminarayan, in the Lord Kaise pond, bathing the devotees feel blessed in the Brahma Sree Phayas. The name of the village near the pond is also known. Here, there are two traditions of sadhus in the name of ‘Athuni and Aguni Jagan’ which are the work of temple operations respectively. This shrine is well known by many names such as Tirtha, Tirath, Vishn-Talab, Kaliyug Tirath.
Yashogan do.
This is the place where Kapil Muni had done penance and the Pandavas had made a yajna. Jambho ji reproduced it for the salvation of the Kalyugs. For the philosophy of the pilgrimage, please take pleasure in drumming on picture 3.
Here are two fair fairs in the year. Bada Mela seems to be Chaitra-bound Amavasya and small Mela Bhadwa Sudi Purnima. Shraddhulujan also speaks of getting rid of the soil and going round the parikrama. Its glory and importance in the Bishnoi sect is similar to the Prayag Sangam.
This is the Tirtha Raj of Tirtho. The throne established in the temple is a sacred symbol of this. Sampradar Keso ji has rendered the glory of this shrine.