Jaglu Dham

There is a temple in Janglu village, in which three sacred objects of Jambhoji Maharaj are kept chimp, hat and saffron chola. Now this temple has been given a huge beautiful form by the white marble. There is a companion in the west, 2 cos from the village, where there is a check post of jambhoji. Junkhoji had made a havan at this place. There is also a tree of Kankhari, which was planted by Jambhoji. Now a beautiful temple has been built at this place. There is a pond between Janglu Saheeri and the village, which is called ‘Beringalali Nadi’ and was adopted by Barasim Banial, who was a devotee of Jambhoji. A temple has now been built on the banks of the lake.

It is famous that here, with the help of Guru Jambheshwar colleagues, in 1570 V. Sansthan at Jaisalmer stayed here while going to inaugurate the Jitsamand Dam and offered a place at this place.
It is near the corner of Kanko that Jambhoji himself had planted with his own hands. Thakur Dhanraj Ji Bhati left left 6000 bigha on (fallow land) for this.