Guruji Fought For

Guru ji fought for every evil in his life, which is the reason for the downfall of any human being and society. Some of these things are mentioned here:


Social Virtues

  • Bishnoism revolves around 29 principles and a major part emphasise on directions for healthy social behaviour. Bishnois are the followers of simple truthful life, be content, be abstentions and avoid false arguments. Criticising others is strictly prohibited in Bishnoi culture. The tolerance is always to be shown while discussing with others. Forgiveness is the quality to be adopted by people instead of getting indulging in disputes. The Bishnoi believes in peace and prosperity built on pillars of truth and purity.

Idol Worship

  • The Bishnois are know for their love for nature worship and not the idol worship.In Bishnoi tradition, one won’t find the idols and statues of gods in the temples.They believe that in idol worship, you are worshiping the God created by your imagination instead of the creator of all. Thus Bishnoi sect discourages idol worship.


  • The offering of ghee, milk, offering on stone idol etc, but it is hypocritical to repay the needy, hungry and thirsty person.
  • Protection of cow and deer but neglect of other organism living things.
  • It is hypocritical for those who preach the temptation to relinquish maya maya by colleting money from simple people and making money.
  • To teach people about simple life but to live a luxurious life itself.
  • During the Havan, words of guru ji are pronounced in the melodious raga, but don’t try to make them in practice is hypocrisy as well.
  • Instead of giving the charity to the needy, donating with the hope of achieving success and honor is hypocrisy.
  • There is also a hypocrisy if there is a difference between yours words and your action.


  • Continuing to run a tradition that is in the old times which is wrong is called stereosity . For example dowerry system, child marriage(bal-vivah) and at the occasion of death or marriage welcome the guests with Aafim (opium) all these are included in stereosity .


  • Giving up the guru guruji’s principles and going to Samrthal, Mukam, placing a note of 500rs, 2000rs in the temple and hoping to get the Moksha is Superstitions.
  • Looking back on the soil at Samrathal Dhora the person becomes a crow in the next life it is superstition.
  • It is Superficial to make an impression that it is very dangerous if you don’t go to “Kucher Bhomiya” first before going to Mukam.
  • There is also a superstition to worship Sati Dadi- Dada, Pittar, Bhomiya, Khetpal etc.
  • To belive in and worship Bhut-Pret, Chudel-Dayan etc. is superstition as well.
  • If a cat comes in our way, sneezing on going voice from the back it results in a disruption in travel, all these assumptions are superstition.